On Change

The biggest change in my life happened when I was 16. I moved away from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania down south to the smaller towns of Florida. I left friends, the cheer squad, neighbors and familiarity. Before a new life began, I had an opportunity to get my drivers license. I had one shot in PA before moving to FL. I borrowed my now sister-in-laws car and learned how to parallel park the morning of (thanks Dad). There was snow on the ground. It was the day after Christmas. I passed, and that was the only time I've driven in snow.

The job I have now requires me to drive thousands of miles around Washington state in winter weather. Over the last month I've hit icy roads, inches of snow and drove a vehicle up mountains on the edge of cliffs in 4WD. During work today, I took this shot. The road leads to where I had to drive. Isn't it beautiful?

As the year is coming to an end, I'm realizing from new experiences that Change is still scary. Leaving your comfort zone and what you know behind to begin something new is one of the wildest things you'll go through. But it also reveals you're alive, how to be strong and that no matter what - you're going to be ok.

Alexandra is a freelance adventure/travel producer based out of Los Angeles. All photographs are original content of KlosUpPictures .